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Scripting Support (C#)

Accessing global fog properties

All properties shown in the inspector can be set or modified at runtime using scripting.

First you need to get a reference to the main script which can be done easily using:

using DynamicFogAndMist2;

DynamicFog fog = dynamicFogVolume.GetComponent<DynamicFog>;

(where dynamicFogVolume is the gameobject of the fog volume)

Then, you can set any property like the fog color or wind speed/direction:

fog.profile.color = new Color(1,0,0);
fog.profile.windDirection = Vector3.right;


Creating fog volumes at runtime

Use this code to create a new fog volume using code:

GameObject fogVolume = DynamicFogManager.CreateFogVolume(“New Fog Volume”);


Fog of War methods

The following fog of war methods are available:


Property that returns or set the fog of war texture.


General reset function which removes any previous change to fog of war transparency.


Restores fog immediately at a given position with radius or bounds.


Returns the opacity of the fog at a given world position.


Changes the transparency of the fog in an area. This method is overloaded and can accept different paremeters and options:

  • A world position and a radius, or a bounds object or a world position and size.

  • Desired alpha and specify if this value replaces the existing transparency or if it blends with it (blendAlpha parameter).

  • The duration of the transition (pass 0 to set the alpha immediately).

  • The smoothness/harshness of the border (by default it uses the global setting in Fog Of War section which is 1f).

  • The restore delay and duration (by default it uses the global settings in Fog Of War section). Pass 0 to restore delay to make the change permanent.

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