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Shaders used by the asset

The table below lists all shaders used by WPM Globe Edition. They can be found in WorldPoliticalMapGlobeEdition / Resources / Shaders folder.

A required shader must be kept for basic operation of the asset. All other shaders are required by the related feature. For example, if you don’t use the hexagonal grid, you can remove the Hexa* family of shaders.

Shader Filename Used for… Required
BackFacesForZBuffer Used internally to clip geometry behind the globe. Yes
UnlitOverlay / UnlitOverlayInverted Overlay layer Yes
FogOfWar (.shader/.cginc), FogOfWar Painter Fog of war effect Optional
HexaGridNoExtrusion, HexaGridNoExtrusionAlpha,

HexaTile, HexaTileAlpha,




Hexagonal grid Optional
Moon Moon texturing Optional
SurfaceGlobeClip, UnlitGlobeClip Render objects that clips with globe surface (Standard Shader and Unlit versions) Optional
UnlitCities Cities Optional
UnlitCountryHighlight Country highlighting Optional
UnlitCountrySurfaces* Country coloring/texturing Optional
UnlitEarth16K* Earth textures for 16K styles Optional
UnlitEarthGlow Atmosphere effect (non-physically based) Optional
UnlitEarthGlow2 Atmosphere effect (physically based) Optional
UnlitEarthScenic Earth scenic style Optional
UnlitEarthScenicCityLights Earth scenic style + city lights at night Optional
UnlitEarthSingleColor Earth style with single flat color Optional
UnlitEarthStandardShader Earth style that uses Standard Shader Optional
UnlitGUIText Country labels Optional
UnlitMarker Polygon markers on globe (eg. circles) Optional
UnlitMarkerLine Lines or trajectories Optional
UnlitOutline Country outline when highlighted Optional
UnlitProvinceHighlight Province highlighting Optional
UnlitProvinceSurfaces* Province coloring/texturing Optional
UnlitSingleColorCursor Cursor Optional
UnlitSingleColorFrontiers* Country frontiers Optional
UnlitSingleColorMasked Latitude / longitude lines (masked with oceans option) Optional
UnlitSingleColorOrder 1* Inland frontiers Optional
UnlitSingleColorOrder 2* Latitude / Longitude lines (without masking) Optional
UnlitSingleTexture Earth texture & Earth alternate styles Optional
UnlitTickersBackground Tickers Optional
UnlitTile* Tiles (slippy map) Optional
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