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Change the Default Input system

World Map Strategy Kit 2 supports both the old and new input system. The asset will automatically detect the active input system, so no specific actions are required.

To support future or custom input systems, the asset has decoupled the input calls and centralized them into a different class, called DefaultInputSystem.cs located in WorldMapStrategyKit/Scripts/Core/Input folder. This class implements the interface IInputProxy.

There’s another class called NewInputSystem.cs which adds support for the New Input System. World Map Strategy Kit will automatically use one or the other input proxy class depending on the current input system active in Player Settings.

To use the new input system, you will have to import it from the Package Manager, then go to Project Settings / Player and make sure the new input system is selected. Please note that many assets are designed for the old input system so you can also choose “Both” in the input system option in the Project Settings / Player section.

You can also provide your own input logic for common tasks like getting the key or button pressed. Once you have created your own class that implements the IInputProxy interface, you can just assign it to World Map Strategy Kit component at runtime like this:

WMSK map = WMSK.instance;

MyCustomInputSystem newInput = new MyCustomInputSystem();

map.input = newInput;
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