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Special Features (Dynamic Fog of War)

Using the Dynamic Fog of War prefab

Dynamic Fog also includes a custom prefab optimized for Fog of War usage:

This prefab does not use any image effect but a custom shader that works much faster on mobile.

Please check demo scene 7 for a full example.

To use this feature in your game, just locate and drag the prefab FogOfWarLayer located in DynamicFog/Resources/Prefabs folder to your scene. Position the plane over the terrain or area to cover. Then, the following API is available:

DynamicFogOfWar fog = DynamicFogOfWar.instance;

Set Fog of War Terrain Boundary:

fog.SetFogWarTerrainBoundary(terrain, borderSize)

This function smoothly cuts the fog crossing the terrain. This call is optional and only useful if you want to produce a smooth cut like in the image above.

Set Fog of War Alpha:

fog.SetFogOfWarAlpha(worldPosition, radius, alpha)

Call this function to clear or set a custom fog transparency on any world position.

Reset Fog of War:


Call this function to restore fog of war to fully opaque.

Set Fog of War Texture Size:


This property determines the resolution of the internal alpha control texture.

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