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Transitions Plus Parameters

Progress: let you check how the transition works from start to end. At 0, transition will be always invisible. At 1, it will be fully completed. Intermediate values can have different screen coverage depending on the options.

Load Scene: enable to automatically load a scene when the transition ends. This only occurs in play mode.

Fade To Camera: enable to perform a smooth transition between two cameras.

Auto Destroy: enable to automatically remove Transitions Plus gameobject once the transition has finished.

Preset: create a copy of one of the ready to use presets included in the Transition Presets folder.

Profile: drag & drop your own profile. You can click at the button “Save As New Profile” at the bottom of the inspector to create a new profile using the current options.

Type: the desired effect type.

Invert: the direction of the transition.

Color Mode: choose between single color, gradient or texture.

Shape Texture: for the shape effect, an SDF texture. The asset includes a star SDF texture as an example. You can produce SDF textures using free toos like Tutorial:

Center: specifies the center for certain effects.

Keep Aspect Ratio: avoids stretching of the effect when screen resolution changes.

Duration: duration of the transition.

Vignette Intensity: used for the fade effects. Intensity of the gradient.

Contrast: increases sharpness of the transition effect.

Noise Intensity: amount of noise applied to the transition. You can assign your own noise texture for custom effects.

Toon Gradient / Toon Dot: extra options of “toon” style which adds posterization and dots.

Sound: optional sound clip to be played when transition starts with option for a delay.

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