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WMSK requires Unity 2018.4 (LTS) or later.

It works with standard/builtin and Universal Rendering Pipeline.

Important Note: If you’re using the tile option with a custom server, go to Project Settings – Player – Other Settings, and set “Allow Downloads Over HTTP” to Always Allowed.

Additional setup for Universal Rendering Pipeline (URP)

  1. Demo scenes are designed for the standard/builtin pipeline. When using URP, select top menu Edit / Rendering Pipeline / Universal Rendering Pipeline / Upgrade Project Materials option. This will upgrade all materials using the standard shader to the URP Lit shader.
  2. IMPORTANT! In URP, if you’re using forward rendering path, set Depth Priming Mode to disabled in the Universal Renderer asset.

  3. If you want to use the terrain mode, please import the package located in WMSK / Resources / WMSK / Shaders / LWRP / TerrainShaders folder. This package contains native URP compatible shaders for terrain, so WMSK features can be visible in this mode.

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