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Shader Control is a powerful tool that allows you to:

1.- Control which shaders and keywords are compiled in your build.

From the “Build View”, you can choose to ignore some shaders or certain keywords, making your compilation faster and reducing the build size.

You can even specify which keywords combinations will be included in your build. This feature is important to reduce the amount of variants since in most cases you will be interested in only a set of shader features and not all permutations.

2.- Identify which shaders use keywords in your project and modify them to reduce the total count of keywords used (important if you have exceeded the 256 keyword limit!).

The “Project View” allows you to:

  • Quickly locate and list shaders in your project along keywords used.
  • Disable/enable keywords per shader.
  • Calculate shader variants based on shader modifications.

The key difference between Build View and Project View is that Build View shows all shaders and keywords used during Unity build process, including internal shaders, while the Project View only lists shaders that are accessible in your project folders (internal Unity shaders cannot be modified but you can skip them during build phase).

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