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map.showEarth: show/hide the planet Earth. Same than inspector property.

map.earthStyle: the currently texture used in the Earth.

map.autoRotationSpeed: the speed of the automatic/continuous rotation of the Earth.

map.showLatitudeLines: draw latitude lines.

map.latitudeStepping: separation in degrees between each latitude line.

map.showLongitudeLines: draw longitude lines.

map.longitudeStepping: number of longitude lines.

map.gridColor: color of latitude and longitude lines.

map.earthScenicLightDirection: Sun light direction for the scenic styles.

map.earthScenicAtmosphereIntensity: intensity of the scenic effect (0-1).

map.earthScenicGlowIntensity: brightness of the glow (0-5).

map.earthTexture: returns an instanted texture of the Earth. Useful for texture drawing. See demo scene 7.

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