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map.AddText: adds a label at any position on the globe with custom font, color, size and style.

map.AddTextPro: same than AddText but uses TextMesh Pro instead of the legacy Text Mesh component.

map.AddMarker: adds a marker on the globe. It can be a gameobject, a circle, projected circle or quad. Returns a reference to the marker.

map.AddLine: draws a line on the globe between two points with custom width, color, drawing duration and fade out effects. Returns a reference to a LineMarkerAnimator component which exposes additional properties like “useTube” (uses a 3D tube to draw the line instead of a 2D flat line).

map.AddPolygon3D: draws a polygon over the globe with custom color and optional fill color. Receives a list of latitude/longitude coordinates.

map.ClearMarker: destroy a marker created with AddMarker.

map.ClearMarkers: destroy all markers.

map.ClearLineMarker: destroy a line added to the globe and returned when calling AddLine function.

map.ClearLineMarkers: destroy all lines.

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