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Volumetric Lights Post Process

The Volumetric Lights Post Process component can be added to the camera to obtain certain benefits in terms of performance and image quality. To access this component, just click the new option “Show Global Settings” in the inspector of any Volumetric Light in the scene.

If the Volumetric Lights Post Process script wasn’t already added manually, Unity will ask you for permission to create it automatically for you, in that case, just hit “Yes”.

You will be able to adjust settings like:

  • Render Before Transparent Objects. Forces the volumetric effect to render before any other transparent object.
  • Downscaling: improves performance by reducing the resolution of the volumetric effect.
  • Blur Passes (with additional options): reduces or removes the volumetric effect noise:
    • Blur Downscaling: reduces the resolution of the buffers used during the blur passes to increase performance.
    • Blur Spread: increases/reduces the kernel size of the blur.
    • HDR: uses HDR format for the blur buffers (used to preserve very bright colors).
    • Preserve Edges: enables a bilateral filter when blending the blurred effect onto the scene image (enable to preserve crisp geometry edges if needed).
  • Blend Mode: let you configure how the effect is blended on the scene image.
  • Brightness: global brightness multiplier that affects all lights.
  • Dither Strength: reduces banding in some volumetric lights that use very dark and smooth settings.
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