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From hobbysts to professional developers, get the support you need at anytime.

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What Users Say About Our Support


Do I need a support subscription to get support?
It’s not required. We’re a dedicated publisher so we’ll support you and provide bug fixes for free. However, while we work hard to test our assets to work as described, sometimes you need us to take a closer look to a specific issue that happens in your project or the kind of issue you have is very specific, or you need a faster bug-fix response, or want to have access to the very latest developments… in these cases a subscription is worth (or simply put, you want to support us… and we appreciate it! 馃檪)

What happens if I cancel a Sponsor subscription?
The subscription will not be renewed but it will continue active until the end of the current month cycle.

Can I get a refund for a cancelled subscription?
Unfortunately not. Once you purchase a subscription, the first cycle will be charged and you will be granted the priviledges.

What should I do to get access to beta versions?
Once you purchase a subscription, sign up on the support forum on and send us an email with your username to activate your account.

What does 'screen sharing' means?
The “Pro” subscription includes up to 2 hours of dedicated, realtime connection. This includes real-time conversation and screen-sharing on Discord to discuss anything you want about our assets or the use of our assets in your project, like problem solving, optimizations, etc. all related to your specific project as well.

I still have questions...
Sure. Send us an email to We usually respond in the same labour day.
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