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Learn More About Volumetric Lights 2

Volumetric Lights evolves to version 2 to exceed user’s expectations in terms of visual softness, features and workflow. With Volumetric Lights 2, you can create any type of volumetric lighting with many features to configure lighting’s appearance, behaviour &, with the new Translucent Shadow Maps & Direct Light Casting, allow lighting to adapt and copy transparent objects’ color, resulting in a very realistic and beautiful lighting appearance.

Volumetric Lights 2

Main Features

Easy Setup

Volumetric Lights 2 is very easy to setup. You can add the script to an already created light or create one from scratch by accessing the Component creation menu.


Volumetric Lights 2 works for any kind of lighting type available in Unity, each one with an adaptable purpose depending on your environment and scene visuals.


Volumetric Lights 2 works with Unity versions above 2020 including the new Unity 2022 and the package includes a standalone package for Built-In and Universal Rendering Pipelines.

Shadow Occlusion

The Shadow Occlusion feature will create a next level visual environment by occluding lighting. This feature is perfect to create a God Rays effect!

Translucent Shadow Maps

The Translucent Shadow Maps feature is a new parameter that takes the lighting effect to a new level by copying colors from the transparent object passing through.

Direct Light Cast

In addition to the Translucent Shadow Maps the Direct Light Cast feature will display a copy of the translucent object on an opaque surface, with a beautiful result!


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Side-by-Side Comparison Example

Slide with your mouse to see the before-after effect with Volumetric Lights 2


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