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Learn More About Visual Fidelity Bundle

This bundle contains our 4 top image enhacements VFX assets, including: Beautify 3, LUT Pack for Beautify, Radiant Global Illumination & Shiny SSRR 2. Purchase it now and save 25% of the regular price of the assets. Use the tools you crave and push your Unity projects to AAA levels with this bundle!

  • Beautify is a full-screen image post processing effect that improves the image quality in real time producing incredibly crisp and vivid scenes.
  • LUT Pack Contains +200 LUTs including artistic/cinematic styles and tints, that can be used with Beautify or in other specific projects in Unity.
  • Radiant GI brings real-time, screen space global illumination to both URP and built-in pipelines, producing more natural-looking scenes.
  • Shiny SSRR adds advanced Screen Space Raytraced Reflections to your scenes in real-time making them more realistic.

Beautify 3

LUT Pack for Beautify

Radiant GI Demo Reel

Shiny SSRR 2 Showcase

Visual Fidelity Bundle

Main Features

Beautify 3

Beautify has been the main post-processing referenced asset since its first launch, and now has reached version 3, which comes with new improvements for Bloom, Anamorphic Flares, Outline, Chromatic Aberration, and new features, like Cinematic Bands!

LUT Pack for Beautify

This tool can be used as an integration of Beautify, or as a standalone feature to apply color correction in a glimpse in your Unity Project. Get the best color grading result with more than 200 LUTs for specific categories and ambience!

Radiant GI

Setting the right Global Illumination for your scene can be tricky, and sometimes it’s performance heavy without achieving the desired restul. Radiant Global Illumination brings more than a solution to a realistic Global Illumination, with many visual & optimization features.

Shiny SSRR 2

Create Advanced Screen Space Raytraced Reflections with full control over visuals, optimization and antialiasing control with the Temporal Filter option, avoiding flickering when using TAA (Temporal Antialiasing).

Performance Friendly

All of the assets included with the Visual Fidelity Bundle, have been built upon the base of performance and optimization friendly. All of them include and optimization section to set it according to your scene configuration.

Perfect Combination

All of these assets can be used together on the same scene, obtaining incredible realistic results without excessive impact on performance. Merge their features to get the best estetic result for your game!


Death Carnival: by Furyion Games

Fast-paced arcade shooter with extreme weapons, wall-dashing and intense mid-air combat for online multiplayer action like never before.

Mafia Food Wars by S2LCheshire

Family members who cannot be fed will defect for the family with the most food. Can you defeat and assimilate the other families?

Side-by-Side Comparison Example

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