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URP supported in all assets


After the release of LBAO 2 (Luma Based Ambient Occlusion 2), Liquid Volume 2 and Global Snow 2, we’re happy to announce that all our assets (nearly 50) now support Unity URP (Universal Rendering Pipeline). In practice this means that we maintain +90 packages for Unity (including Unity 2020, 2021 and 2022).

URP is catching up Built-in or legacy pipeline (which is actually the default one, and battle-tested, in Unity). It’s expected that URP will eventually replace built-in pipeline in a few years so at Kronnect we work hard to ensure a seamless transition for our customers.

Our strategy in terms of pipeline compatibility is two fold:

Assets that were compatible with built-in, now provide an URP version. To make it easier to developers that want to switch to URP (either for testing or learning purposes or for production), both, built-in and URP versions can be found in the same asset, so there’s no need to purchase separate packages. When importing one of our assets designed for built-in/URP, you will see two packages:

Moreover, we try to keep functionality in built-in and URP versions identical or as similar as possible. We also strive to hide some URP setup complexities or guide the user with useful tooltips in the inspectors to flatten the learning curve.

If you already purchased an asset that has recently received URP support, depending on the purchase date, you can upgrade for free or with a 50% discount. Regarding HDRP, the High Definition Rendering Pipeline, we’re progressing in providing support for this asset. Since HDRP is significantly different in many aspects to URP, assets designed for HDRP are available as a separate purchase. Customers of built-in/URP versions who at some point wants to use the HDRP version of the asset (if available), get a discount when purchasing the HDRP version.

Take a look at our asset portfolio at the Unity Asset Store.

If you have any question regarding our assets, please don’t hesitate to contact us or join our support forums.


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