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Unity Game Object Selection Effect - Align To Ground

Unity Game Object Selection Effect – Align To Ground


Small details make the difference, not just in game development but in absolutely every action we make daily. Every single Asset we create at Kronnect, has been built by every brick regarding those small details. With small pieces, we eventually end up with a vast product to allow our users to take their project beyond what they can imagine.

Recently, we added the “Align To Ground” feature to our Highlight Plus asset, which allows you to implement a selection effect to any game object you may have inside your Unity project. In this article, we wanted to show you how the effect works on a brief scene we created and walk you through the steps to set up the effect correctly. As we just promised, below, you can see the effect in action. Keep in mind, you can use it for absolutely any game object, not just humanoid characters, so possibilities are not limited.

Unity Game Object Selection Effect - Align To Ground

Now that you have seen the “Align To Ground” feature in action, you might want to keep reading to see how easy it is to set it up. So bear with us while we’ll take you through the process.

First of all, select the game object you want the “Align To Ground” effect to be on. In our example, we’ll use the effect on a humanoid character, but remember, the feature works for any kind of game object. Now that the object is selected add the Highlight Effect in the inspector panel. There are plenty of other parameters you can play with to give amazing enhancement, like outline, glow, and much more, but we’ll focus on the “Align To Ground” feature. However, you can visit our demo video to see the complete list of options and how they work, as well as the configuration for them. The next step is to look for the “Target” option and activate it. If your main object is built by different other children you may be confused by the number of target effects that will appear by now, but don’t worry, the way to solve this is to attach the child you want to be the center of the main game object, and Voila! Now the target effect should only appear once, but something is missing! You want this effect to appear on the ground below the object. This is where the “Align To Ground” feature comes into action; check the little box to activate it, and your selection effect should start working right away. Keep in mind that the “Default Layer Mask” option should be pointing to the layer name your object is staying on, in our case, the terrain, but your case might be different; you may have a plane or another kind of object. Just make sure the layer name of that object is selected under the “Default Layer Mask” parameter.

Unity Game Object Selection Effect - Align To Ground

Selection effect on units is not the only way you can use this feature. There are plenty of visual options, like hit effect, heal, magic halo and more. The featured image below is an example of that. As you can see, the first paragraph of this article describes exactly what this image shows. It may seem a simple effect on your game, but it adds extremely good visuals.

Unity Game Object Selection Effect - Align To Ground

Finally, you can, of course, customize the texture for your selection effect. The only thing you need to do is to import that texture as a PNG file and make sure the “Alpha is Transparency” option is ticked.

At this point, the selection effect for your Unity game should be working like a charm! We would like to see how beautiful the effect is working for your particular project. That is why we invite you to show your project by visiting our Discord channel. If you encounter any issue configuring the Asset, you can contact us by visiting our related social media below. Check out our blog content here!

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My name is Sorin Predescu. A few years ago I started learning about the amazing world of creating games and got involved in Unity game development. This all lead to where I am now, working as a Community Manager at Kronnect, one of the biggest publishers on the Asset Store, sharing all my knowledge with the community and learning new and astonishing things every day.

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