More descriptive mailing list email subject headers

Started by chmodseven, May 07, 2022, 11:00:11 AM

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Hi, I have registered on here for several of your products, and I appreciate the info emails that come through to advise of updates.  However the emails all seem to follow a pattern of detailing the RP and version number, but not the name of the product itself! E.g. "New announcement: UNIVERSAL RENDERING PIPELINE, LATEST BETA: V8.1 RC3"  This would be useful to know, as for some products relevant to my current project I would read the emails right away, but for the ones I might not be using at the time I'd just as soon mark as read.

Would it be possible to add the product name to the subject header to these various emails?  You could probably also shrink the whole "UNIVERSAL RENDERING PIPELINE" etc down to just URP, HDRP, or Built-in RP to reduce the title size to fit neatly in the Outlook header column, since most people will be familiar with the acronyms anyway.