Author Topic: Once a country is highlighted, you can only click on the neighbors. How to make?  (Read 34 times)


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Good Morning.
In my game, the player will start with a country of his choice and then he will be able to attack only one of his neighboring countries. For this, I need that after the initial country is clicked and the neighbors highlighted, it is only possible to click on those that make the border. I didn't find a function in the API that disables clicks on the rest of the map.
Can you help me?


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Do you want to cancel highlight on the other countries (which are not neighbours)?

You can do so by using the OnCountryHighlight event, for example:

map.OnCountryHighlight += OnCountryHighlight;
private void OnCountryHighlight(int countryIndex, int regionIndex, ref bool allowHighlight) {
    allowHighlight = <check if countryIndex is allowed here>;

In the OnCountryHighlight event, you place the code that checks if the countryIndex is valid for highlight and set the allowHighlight parameter to true or false accordingly.