Author Topic: Why do I get errors if I change the name of the Resources/PirateIsland folder?  (Read 102 times)


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PiratesOfVoxelPlay works fine when installed according to the documentation.

I have made some changes (I can give more detail if it would be useful), but it seems like the changes are not problematic as long as I do not change the name of the PirateIsland folder. When I change the name to anything else (e.g., "Worlds") then I get an error originating from Mirror.NetworkBehaviour.SendCommandInternal with the message "Send command attempted while Network Client is not ready" when I try to use certain inventory items. The bomb item is especially prone to do this (basically it always does this unless the folder is named correctly). Usually I can start shooting arrows without a problem, but as soon as I get this error once, all of the inventory items stop working correctly.

Why is the folder name important?



I did a little bit more checking, and I found out that the folder name seemingly must match the WorldDefinition name contained within it. If this is true, I have a question. Suppose that I want to make several different worlds with basically the same assets (e.g., the items); how can I do this (the other WorldDefinitions would need to be named something other than PirateIsland to reside in the same folder)?
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Most elements used in a Voxel Play game are referrenced by the world definition or a biome or a list of items in a script. But some items are loaded automatically from a folder with same name as the world definition.
In this case, some items from the inventory are loaded that way, so if you rename that folder, they won't be loaded on start and will fail to be selected or used during gameplay.

Just make sure the name of the world definition asset matches the name of the folder which contains it.