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Sign up now! Get Support, Beta downloads and more!
« on: April 28, 2021, 08:56:29 AM »
In order to ask for support, please sign up and send me (Kronnect) a private message with your invoice number.
Once verified, you'll be able to post messages and get access to the private boards which include:
- Support access
- Feature request boards
- Announcements & beta download access

Before posting an issue, please:
- Make sure you're using the latest version of the asset.
- Make sure you've read any setup instructions included with the asset (usually contained in the PDF).

Include this info when posting an issue:
- Unity version (ie. Unity 2019.4)
- Platform where the issue is present (PC/Mac, mobile, WebGL, etc)
- Rendering pipeline (built-in, URP or HDRP)
- If it's VR related, the plugins you're using (Oculus Integration, Steam, OpenVR) and if you're using multi-pass, single-pass, etc.

If the issue is not evident, please consider creating a simple repro and send it to us by email. That'll allow us to reply much faster, probably in the same labour day.
You can send the repro by email to:

If you encounter any problem posting on the support boards (due to our anti-spam filter), please send us a pm with your username so we can whitelist it!

Thank you and welcome!
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