Author Topic: Interactive List of Continents, Countries, Cities, Regions and MountPoints  (Read 368 times)


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I have no idea, that something like this is already existing. But I can't find something about it.

Is it possible as a future feature, to make a interactive list of countries, cities, regions and mountpoints?

Country ---- [DELETE] ---- [HIDE] ---- [Equalize Provinces]
USA ---- [BUTTON] ---- [BUTTON] ---- [BUTTON]
Mexico---- [BUTTON] ---- [BUTTON] ---- [BUTTON]
Canada---- [BUTTON] ---- [BUTTON] ---- [BUTTON]
=========================> [SAVE CHANGES]

It would make it more handy to edit just some countries, regions etc.
And to not click on every region or country.

For example, I would like to delete most of the asian countries. Now I can choose to do this per script, delete them one by one or delete the whole continent and recreate the countries I want.
With the interactive list I can do this faster and in a more save way.

Thanks &
Best regards!
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You can currently click on a country/province in SceneView or select it from the dropdown list in the inspector.
Adding a list of the 200+ entities to the inspector can make it really slow, athough it could be grouped by continent.

Thanks for the suggestion, maybe sometime in the future we can have some time for this.



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Thanks for your answer!