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World Map Strategy Kit FAQ

1.- What features includes World Map Strategy Kit (WMSK)?

Most features already included in World Political Map 2D Edition plus:
* Enhanced scenic styles with high resolution textures and visual effects (3D ground and clouds, PBS map, ...)
* Ability to quickly positioning and locating units and resources on the map, with automatic visibility
* Smooth movement, path visualization and arrow/throwing effects
* Fog of war
* Minimap
* And more! Check out the ongoing list here.

2.- Why a new asset? Was not 2D Edition worth of these improvements?

Many customers are using our World Political Maps in non-strategy games, even non-games at all. Adding more features and resources to a general-purpose asset will increase its size without providing any benefit to those users. So we decided to fork World Political Map 2D Edition and create WMSK.

Both assets will continue to evolve. It's just some new features will be only available in one of them. If you're developing a data-viz or GPS-based app, or want to use the map as a simple country selector, WPM 2D Edition or even the World 2D Lite Edition can be more than enough for your needs. For anyone developing strategy games, WMSK will be a better choice.

As an example of this, WMSK package is around 105 Mb while WPM 2D Edition uses just 30 Mb aprox. Of course this is the total asset compressed size (.unitypackage). Final size can be reduced in both cases removing some unused styles and textures.

3.- What platforms will it support? Any specific requirement?

Both WMSK and World Political Map assets can run on mobile, VR and WebGL. However, some features of WMSK may only run properly on modern devices due to memory requirements (high resolution textures and complex shaders). Beta 5 has been tested successfully on a Samsung Galaxy S6 at full detail level and highest texture resolution.

4.- When will it be ready?

WMSK 2.x is already available on our online store and on the Asset Store.
When you purchase the asset, you also get access to the beta private board, where you can download the latest version.
Just drop by our Features section!

5.- How much will it cost? Will be there a discount for current World Political Map 2D Edition users?

WMSK is available on the Asset Store or our Online Store.
Current World Political Map 2D Edition or Globe Edition have the option to purchase an upgrade.
Pricing of course includes active development of the asset and our legendary, top-notch support :)

6.- Is there any beta?

Access to the beta was closed on January 31st. Currently there's no beta available since it's a framework and contains lot of features that would be very complex to show in a closed demo app.

7.- What if I need a specific feature not currently available?

If the petition is reasonable and fits the asset purpose, we'll develop it. All of our assets are in constant development. However, if you want to dive into code and improve it, we can help you.
The asset includes 100% source code (C#). It's well documented and structured, so you can easily locate the functionality you want to change or enhance.

8.- Is there a roadmap? What is the release calendar

We aim to have one beta release each week, with major release each month or after one important feature has been completed. We're quite open with the community in this forum to decide all of this. We try to implement all sensible requests posted on the Feature Request section, and of course any bug fixes.

9.- I purchased the asset but I'd like to contribute with a donation to support its development.

The best way you have to show your support is purchasing our other assets (even if you don't need them for now...). Check out the list here. You may also purchase them on the Asset Store if you wish.

Thank you for your support!
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