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Announcing Pirates of Voxel Play
« on: February 14, 2021, 04:52:23 PM »
Pirates of Voxel Play is a battle-royale (survival, action, first person shooter) template built with Voxel Play and Mirror for multiplayer networking.

In this game template you take the role of a stranded navy officer in a lush, tropical island, where you will confront hungry cannibals, wild beasts and other players for survival.

"Eat or be eaten. That's the basic rule that you must have in mind. You must survive, fight, bite your way out of the jaws of cannibals and beasts that will eat you alive. Get your weapons and prepare yourself... and don't forget: even humans will stab your back at the smallest chance."

The game template is fully operational and let you create single-player games or host a multiplayer match on your local area network.
It includes:
- Voxel Play system (If you already own Voxel Play, you'll pay just the difference for this template).
- A copy of Mirror, the open source multiplayer networking framework, already configured.
- Pack of rigged and animated characters including navy, cannibals, pirates and animals (fish, jungle beasts and flying parrots!).
- Island environment, including custom made textures for terrain & vegetation, tree models and other misterious island features.
- Amusing music and sounds.
- Game logic (C#), including character controllers, server and client logic, menus, effects, spawners, etc. conveniently organized in folders.
- Documentation (PDF).
- Exclusive explanatory video about the game design, architecture and Mirror integration.

** Requirements **
- Unity 2019.4 or later.
- Built-in or URP pipeline (check the documentation about how to enable the URP support).

Already available for purchasing on our store. Soon on the Asset Store.

Check out the video introduction: