Author Topic: Development Tips for special Voxel Game based on Voxel Play - SmartekCraft  (Read 17 times)


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A few years ago I purchased Voxel Play and build Smartekcraft with it. This was to experiment with Unity and programming. The result of this can be found here in a short video:

Example of Smartek in Real Life:

I have created a physical Voxel called Smartek. I am not here to advertise or to sell. But to get an idea please see my webpage:

Smartek is basically magnetic LEGO which acts like Minecraft. You can in real life build in any direction. Since the product is launched I am now going to program a new version of Smartcraft in order to release it on mobile so my customers can play and make models to test virtually.

The challenge for me is not te replace templates and pictures but to program the special characteristics of Smartek. With Smartek you can place voxels 1/2 way or even 1/8 pr 3/8 of another block. I have tried to capture the 1/2 way aspect in Voxel Play (long time ago) but I am wondering if someone would have some other tips, hits, suggestions to do it better in such a way that when you update to a new version of Voxel Play you do not have to redo a lot of programming.

Please feel free to respond or send me a private email: