Author Topic: Mirror integration - terrain doesn't generate voxels beyond initial ones  (Read 187 times)


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Has anyone encountered the issue of VoxelPlay environment not auto-generating voxels when the player moves around the map, after implementing multi-player by integrating Mirror using the example in

It looks as if the terrain has become "static" and cuts off after a certain distance from the player's starting position.
This happens for both the host and client player.

Wonder if anyone has any advice.

Thank you!


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You mean when you are the host the environment you see doesn't update? (same for client)


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Note that Voxel Play will generate chunks according to the camera frustum (if "Only Render In Frustum" option is used) and respecting the "Force Chunk Distance" and "Visible Chunk Distance".
You can also ensure chunks around certain objects are generated on the server by attaching the Voxel Play Behaviour to the object and set the "Chunk Area" to certain extents, like (2,1,2) and click "Render Chinks" - that will ensure the chunks are generated on the server as well regardless of the camera.