Author Topic: Always reading from Assets\WorldPoliticalMapGlobeEdition\Resources\Geodata ?  (Read 29 times)


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Finally got around to doing some more prototyping with more of your assets, this time it has come to World map Globe, so here comes multiple support-questions, one per:

The data, as per usual, for country and cities is loaded from Assets\WorldPoliticalMapGlobeEdition\Resources\Geodata -- can we adjust this on a per scene-basis or load it manually?

And then directly related, if I edit data via Editor-option World map Editor, and Save, is it only written to the same location?

Imagine a scenario where one has an edited map per scenario, and a game can contain many scenarios for different historical years.


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You can choose a different folder per scene, yes.

In the Globe inspector, under the bottom section called "Other Settings", you can enter a different name for the Geodata folder.