Author Topic: volumetric fog with world globe map  (Read 838 times)


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volumetric fog with world globe map
« on: June 02, 2020, 10:55:39 PM »
Hi, i was looking volumetric fog asset, good thing is from kronnect so this easy to ask, i would like to use it for 2 things, let me know if it could be possible:

1) make a sphere of volumetric clouds (with inner and outer radius), it is possible to distribute it in that shape?
2) make a scalable ring of fog to blend earth horizon with atmosphere and skybox, how well could that work? i mean, should i found the correct horizon color depending on camera view or there is any built in function to blend with light position or a specific layer and skybox? to have black fog at night and white/tint color at day, sunrise and dusk. The same is needed for the clouds. I cannot use unity fog for this because i have several cameras with variable distances to objective, so the best would be to be able to scale such fog ring depending on the camera setup used.

Also... it is possible to have both at the same time?


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Re: volumetric fog with world globe map
« Reply #1 on: June 03, 2020, 12:52:35 AM »
Unfortunately not yet -- we're working to bring a better spherical fog effect to Volumetric Fog & Mist 2 in the future.