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Read this first!
« on: June 27, 2018, 01:32:44 PM »
Welcome to the Mods board of Voxel Play.

Mods are any script (or package) that add or change Voxel Play behaviour. They can also contain any other resource and include new terrain or detail generators as well.
Resource packs are collections of new voxel definitions or models.

For Submissions:

To share a mod, make sure all the scripts and resources reside in a different folder than Voxel Play folder and export them using Unity Export command (it will generate a file with .unitypackage extension).

Make sure you only export your package and no other Voxel Play file!

Use a different post for each mod and ensure your post complies with these rules:

- Choose a short and appropriate title for the post
- Describe your package, what it does and any setup instruction if required.
- Include at least one screenshot OR short video
- You can attach your package to the post if it's less than 64Kb. If it's bigger, please upload it elsewhere and include a link to the package.
- The author of the package is solely responsible for the contents, quality and effect of the package and for responding to any issue users may have.
- Mods and resource packs can be free or paid (eg. hosted on the Asset Store or on your own website)
- In order to keep a proper user experience we reserve the right to remove any post at any time.

For End Users:

Please note that mods are submitted by the community and we take no responsibility on the effect it can produce in your project or on Voxel Play behaviour. Always make a backup copy of your project before installing a new mod. Any support or request should be sent to the author of the mod (eg. posting on the appropriate thread).

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