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ModelDefinition format suggestion
« on: December 07, 2018, 04:29:02 AM »
I noticed while going through and remapping a bunch of voxel definitions that the ModelDefinition has a lot of repetitiveness in the way the structure is defined.

Notice the frequent repetition of the voxel definition in the structure(screenshot). Although it's not often that someone would need to come in here to remap voxels in this way, this structure makes this operation very tedious.

I would recommend the structure of these model definitions be changed to a flat VoxelDefinition[] palette  stored at the ModelDefinition level, and the Modelbits should just have an index to the palette list. This is much easier to work with, for the rare situations of manually remapping the blocks in unity, but also to facilitate situations such as palette customization by the user, which is a feature we did for creativerse to much popularity.

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