Author Topic: 2017 December Updates!  (Read 2302 times)


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2017 December Updates!
« on: December 29, 2017, 10:31:24 PM »

Cool highlights to share with you and new asset updates during last month. Enjoy the reading!

Terrain Grid System 5.3
  • Editor: added toggle to enable/disable grid editing options in Scene View
  • API: Ability to assign cells to groups with CellSetGroup/CellGetGroup
  • API: FindPath method now accepts cell group mask as argument to consider only certain cell groups
  • API: Added CellGetLineOfSight() for Line of Sight computation. Example in demo scene 12.
  • API: CellGetNeighbours now accepts a range/distance. Range example in demo scene 12.
  • API: CellColorTemp, temporarily colors a cell or list of cells
  • Highlight Fade now accepts a range for increased effect flexibility
  • Added Hightlight Speed option
  • Performance improvements

Beautify 5.5
  • VR: added support for Single Pass Instanced mode (Unity 2017.2.0+)
  • Eye adaptation: improved algorithm (in Best Qualty setting)
  • Sun Flares: added occlusion mask option
  • Anamorphic Flares: added option to remove blur passes with Best Performance mode
  • [Fix] Added shader workaround for Mali G71 GPU hardware issue with normals
  • [Fix] Fixed bloom/flares temporarily disappearing when saving the scene

Volumetric Fog & Mist 8.2
  • VR: support for Single Pass Instanced
  • Point Lights: new "Distance To" or pivot which specifies the reference for distance calculation (good for fog areas + point lights)
  • For of war: optimized setting/restoring fog transparency functions
  • Dynamic Fog & Mist package updated to version 5.1
  • Editor: fog of war settings are now visible in inspector (were hidden if this feature was disabled)

Dynamic Fog & Mist 5.1
  • VR: support for Single Pass Instanced (Unity 2017.2+)
  • Added wind direction
  • Support for Timeline animations

World Political Map Globe Edition 10.5
  • Support for texturing provinces in ToggleProvinceRegion methods
  • Change: country highlight now shows behind any colored or textures province
  • Added a security check when assigning a new Font to prevent issues with Dynamic Fonts
  • WPM Globe Edition now requires Unity 5.5.0 or later
  • API change: GetCityIndex(provinceIndex, cityName) refactored to GetCityIndexInProvince(provinceIndex, cityName)
  • API: added GetCityIndexInProvince and GetCityIndexInCountry
  • [Fix] Fixed color issue with provinces sharing the same color than others incorrectly
  • [Fix] Fixed FlyTo rotation issue when globe scale is big and camera rotation is set to Camera Rotates

World Map Strategy Kit 5.1.1
  • Map Editor: new terrain importer tool (located in the dropdown menu of the gear icon)
  • Country labels fade in/out effect: exposed internal customization options in Inspector
  • New Earth Style: Natural 16K
  • Unity native terrain support: first alpha -> WMSK projects into Unity terrain using special terrain shader
  • New terrain demo scenes under Demos/Terrain folder
  • Map Editor: added new option to convert a province into a new country
  • API: added GetProvinceRegionSurfacesGameObject which returns the surface game object for any colored/textured province region

Compass Navigator Pro 2.1
  • Added "canBeVisited" property to POIs
  • Heartbeat effects can be added to custom POIs. Sound will play at variable interval based on distance!
  • Added "String Format" option for the distance shown on top of compass bar
Happy coding!