Author Topic: 2017 July Updates!  (Read 2723 times)


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2017 July Updates!
« on: July 05, 2017, 08:40:49 PM »

Cool highlights to share with you and new asset updates during last months. Enjoy the reading!
Beautify 5.1

Beautify has been picked up by Unity as "One of Top Packages You Can't Miss" and "Top Paid Packages of last 30 days".

Beautify is a powerful yet very easy and fun to use, uber-shader (combined image effects) that gives you:

- Automatic Image Enhancement (better color balance, smart sharpness and anti-banding artifacts).
- Super smooth bloom with layer mask and depth attenuation options
- Anamorphic flares, also with layer mask
- Depth of Field with Bokeh and exclusion layer mask option
- Eye adaptation (retina reaction to quick light intensity changes)
- Purkinje Shift (simulates retina behaviour to colors under low light conditions)
- Sun Flares with solar wind effect
- Lens Dirt
- ACES tonemapping with adjustable exposure and contrast
- Tinting
- Daltonize
- Sepia with intensity control
- Outline for 2D and 3D scenes
- Vignetting with texture option
- Frame with texture option
- Night vision
- Thermal vision
- Performance presets
- Advanced shader auto-tuning options
- Full VR support

World Map Strategy Kit 4.0

Have you ever thought of building a World-Map game? Continously improving upon community feedback, V4 brings:

- Better tools to build custom maps.
- Improved performance to viewport mode
- New APIs
- New Demo Scenes!

World Political Map Globe Edition 9.3.2

Gorgeous looking, the latest update to this 3D Earth asset brings:

- New zoom mode
- Improved performance and memory handling for Tile system
- Ability to zoom to street level from Outer space!
- Updated demo scene Slippy Map

Global Snow 2.4 gets hot!!!! (only $25 for limited time)

This insane drag & drop complete snow solution which works with any terrain, vegatation, trees and geometry gets updated with effects improvements on SpeedTree and Unity standard tree plus gets its price reduced to $25 from $40 for limited time!

Liquid Volume 3.4

Version 3.4 of mesmerizing Liquid Volume is available on the Asset Store!

- Improved foam appearance with irregular topology
- Added some optimizations to raymarching algorithm
- Added Double Sided Bias parameter to clip non-desired triangles (only irregular topology)
- Added Rotation Level Bias parameter to compensate liquid disappearing under certain rotations and flasks

Volumetric Fog & Mist 7.3.1

Picked this week as one of the best "Procedural" assets for Unity. Check it out!


*** Even More Assets Updates!! ***

Check out these other noteworthy updates:

World Political Map 2D Edition 5.7 released on Jun 27th.
Terrain Grid System 4.9 released on Jun 27th.
Grids 2D 4.1 released on Jun 1st.
X-Frame Accelerator 2.2.7 released on Jun 26th.
Hexasphere Grid System 1.2 released on Jun 12th
Happy coding!