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2017 February Updates!
« on: February 01, 2017, 10:45:24 PM »
February Updates!
Cool highlights to share with you and new asset updates during last month. Enjoy the reading!

Global Snow is here!

Would like to see your scene in Winter mode? If you have not designed your scene from the start with snow in mind, you have two options: either replace all your materials so they use snow shaders ... or use some kind of magic trick like an image effect that renders the snow for you.
That's exactly what Global Snow does... but there's more. Global Snow can also add automatic footprints, snow markings on the ground and camera frost effects!
Learn more about Global Snow on the Asset Store!

World Maps Pro Bundle

World Maps Pro Bundle is our most complete and professional suite of map assets for Unity. Now available on the Asset Store!
Save $$$ purchasing this bundle which includes: Globe Edition, 2D Edition, World Map Strategy Kit and the World Flags and Weather Icon pack.
Already own one of the map assets? Check out the upgrade options and get the entire bundle!
Learn more about World Maps Pro Bundle on the Asset Store!

Liquid Volume gets dynamic!

Well, sort of! Some of you asked for turbulences and reactions to external forces and accelerations and here it's! It's an approximation of course but looks nice! The update is already available on our support forum and coming to the Asset Store in a few days.
Learn more about Liquid Volume on the Asset Store

More awesomeness for Volumetric Fog & Mist

Volumetric Fog & Mist 7.1 about to land on the Asset Store. Stay tuned! This new update adds Sun shadows and XY Plane rendering (good for 2D games or to create awesome vertical fog walls!).
We work hard to improve Volumetric Fog & Mist and all future updates come for free!
Learn more about Volumetric Fog & Mist on the Asset Store.

Beautify gets better!

Beautify 4.3 just landed on the Asset Store! This update includes internal improvements, reduces shader keywords by one and adds one new effect: Outline Sobel Method (good for outlining 2D graphics!). If you have missed v4, you will want to check Beautify on the Asset Store for all the new recently added goodies!
Learn more about Beautify on the Asset Store.

Fly through the stars or hyperspace with TunnelFX!

TunnelFX adds new hyperspace distortion, a global speed slider as well as a bunch of shader optimizations. Check it out!

*** Assets Updates ***
Check out the new noteworthy features and improvements included in this month updates:
World Political Map Globe Edition 8.0 released on Jan 31st.
World Political Map 2D Edition 5.5 released on Feb 1st.
World Map Strategy Kit 2.6 released on Feb 1st.
Terrain Grid System 4.5 released on Jan 13th.
Volumetric Fog & Mist 7.0 released on Jan 20th.
Beautify 4.3 released on Feb 1st.
Shader Control 2.0 released on Jan 3rd.
Liquid Volume 2.1.1 released on Jan 3rd.
X-Frame Accelerator 2.2.1 released on Jan 12th.
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