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September Updates!
« on: September 27, 2016, 01:48:48 AM »

New updates of our assets have landed on the Asset Store during September!
Learn about some of the new exciting features included in these great new updates:

World Political Map Globe Edition 7.1.1 (On Sale till 5th October! $50, normal price $75)

Improved visuals!

- Supporting multi-tile texture up to 16K (4x8K): 16K Scenic, 16K Scenic + CityLights, 16K Scatter and 16K Scatter + City Lights.

- Supporting Unity 5 Standard Shaders: 2K Standard Shader, 8K Standard Shader.

- Shadow support in Unlit styles.

New demo scenes!

- Sorting cities, City travel / path traversal and Earth Graffiti!

- Added new button "Fire Bullet!"

Improved performance!

- New City Combine Meshes option for best performance when lot of cities are visible.

- Faster Automatic Labels Fade in/out.


World Map Strategy Kit 2.3

More Viewport Units features!

- New APIs/events for selecting units. New demo scene 16. Manual updated.

- Bullet support for viewport gameobjects. New demo scene 18. New API: WMSK_Fire

Improved Map Editor & Modification options!

- Ability to merge provinces at runtime. New demo scene 17. New API: ProvinceTransferProvinceRegion

- Under development: Territories Importer! (create your own world maps using textures!)


Volumetric Fog & Mist 6

More powerful than ever!

- Ability to render more than one fog area (inverted void area) with proper culling support. New demo scene.

- More than one Volumetric Fog & Mist script can be added per camera.

- Improved points light support.


Dynamic Fog & Mist 2

More flexibility and performance!

- New Desktop Fog Plus variant which improves fog effect

- New custom inspector

- Under development: new fog materials for geometry (improved performance and flexibility)


Beautify 3

It gets more beautiful!

- Improved support for 2D / orthographic camera

- Added anamorphic flares!

- Added sepia intensity slider

- Improved bloom performance


Terrain Grid System

A* Pathfinding, new territory tools plus improved performance!

- A* Path Finding system. New demo scene 12.

- Faster cells and territory line shaders

- Added new properties to the inspector to control near clip fade amount and falloff

- Ability to define territories by using a color texture (improved)

- Support for enclaves (territories surrounding other territories)


Grids 2D

A* Pathfinding plus territory improvements!

  - A* Pathfinding support. New demo scene and inspector options.

  - Ability to define territories based on a texture. New option in inspector to assign territories texture.

  - Territories can now surround other territories. New inspector property.

  - Territories can be marked invisible


These other assets are either new or have received some improvements as well!

Tunnel FX

Liquid Volume

Compass Navigator Pro

X-Frame FPS Accelerator


Remember to rate on the Asset Store if you like them! If you need help, post your suggestions, questions and issues on this Support Forum!
Thanks for using our assets!

Happy coding!