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World Political Map - 2D Edition available on the Asset Store

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V4.3 available on the Asset Store.

New features:
  - Country and region capitals. Different icons + colors, new class filter (cityClassFilter), new "cityClass" property and editor support.
  - Added Hidden GameObjects Tool for dealing with hidden residual gameobjects (located under GameObject main menu)
  - New options for country decorator and for country object (now can click-select/hide/rotate/offset/font size any country label)
  - Added pinch to zoom in/out on mobile devices
  - API: Added new events OnCountryEnter, OnCountryExit, OnCountryClick, OnProvinceEnter, OnProvinceExit, OnProvinceClick, OnCityEnter, OnCityExit, OnCityClick
  - API: Added lastProvinceClicked, lastProvinceRegionClicked, cityHighlightedIndex, lastCityClicked
  - Editor: country's continent is displayed and can be renamed
  - Editor: continent can be destroyed, including countries, provinces and cities
  - Editor: deleting a country now deletes all cities belonging to that country as well
  - Editor: new options to delete a country, a province or all provinces belonging to a country
  - Reorganized/split public main API class to make it easier to find properties / methods

V4.4 update is now available on the Asset Store. As always here's the changelog:

  - Can hide completely individual countries using decorators, Editor or through API (country.hidden property)
  - Tickers: new overlay mode option for displaying ticker texts
  - Decorators now colorize all regions of a country (texturing still affects only main region)
  - Significant performance improvement in mouse over functionality
  - Min population filter now returns to previous value when closing the map editor
  - Removed Baikonur Cosmodrome and a degenerated region nearby from Kazakhstan
  - Fixed issue in builds when changing default Font in map prefab
  - Changing the layer of the prefab no longer stops click events
  - Disabling highlighting no longer stop click/enter/exit events
  - Disabling highlighting now works with decorators
  - Country borders disappear while zooming in and two adjacent regions are colorized

We're happy to announce the availability of V5 on the Asset Store!

New Features:
  - Mount Points. User-defined interest points on map. Integrated editor now supports editing mount points (position, type and collection of attributes)
  - Options to set minimum and maximum zoom distance (API: zoomMinDistance, zoomMaxDistance)
  - Option to toggle province highlighting (API: enableProvinceHighlight in addition to enableCountryHighlight)

  - Several fixes and optimizations included


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