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Hi community!

After the launch of the Globe Edition, we're happy to announce the availability of World Political Map - 2D Edition V4​.

World Political Map - 2D Edition adds to your scene a beautiful and interactive 2D political map with selectable countries and states/provinces.

* Procedurally draws the frontiers of 241, +4000 provinces and states and the location of the 1249 biggest or most populated cities in the world!
* Interactive map: regions of countries, provinces/states and cities highlight as you pass the mouse over them. The interactive functionality is provided as API and a demo scene is included showing how you can add mouse selection, dragging, zooming with the wheel mouse, show tooltips, fly between countries or cities, make countries flash, fit the window to the width and/or height of the screen, etc.
* Automatically draws country labels with placement options.
* Colorize countries, provinces/states or entire continents! highlight any region of the world from code with just one call (example: ToggleCountrySurface("Russia", visible, Color.Red).
* Per country texture support! Assign your own textures to any number of countries, with offset, scale and rotation options.
* Find and fly smoothly to any country, state, province or city by its name from current position: you can make the globe rotate smoothly from current position to any country or city just calling one method and provide the name of the destination. You can also set the movement speed or go instantly (set time to zero).
* Two city catalogs included. Filter cities by population and/or size.
* Two levels of details for frontiers at 100.00.000:1 and 50.000.000:1 scale.
* Imaginary lines: draw latitude, longitude and cursor lines.
* Lots of customization options: frontiers colors, highlight color, visibility of cities/frontiers/Earth, labels, ... 6 Earth styles included, one high-res (8K).
* Can be instantiated and controlled by code (API and documentation provided).
* Custom editor inspector with 3 extra awesome components: Calculator (converter between plane coordinates and lat/lon), Tickers (scrolling, blinking or fading texts over the map) and Decorator (customize countries with specific labels, colors and textures!).
* No internet access required. Geographic data included in the asset, which does not use Google Maps nor any other map provider. Make it very fast and works offline!
* Mobile friendly: tested on Android and iOS.
* Source code included (C#) and documented so you can adapt it to your project easily.

Asset Store link:!/content/43180

V4 has been published including many improvements and a new component: the Map Editor!

With the map editor component, now you can:
- Create, move, delete and change cities properties (name, population)
- Create, edit and delete countries and country regions
- Create, edit and delete provinces and province regions
- Ability to transfer provinces and countries to other countries.

Here's the changelog for V4:

New features:
  - New component: Map Editor
  - Viewport mode (allows cropping of map)
  - City distance calculator
  - Improved highlighting implementation (>x3 speed)
  - Can change default font for map labels
  - Can assign individual font for labels using Decorator component
  - Can assign individual font for tickers using Tickers component
  - Cities icons now rescale proportionally when zooming in/out (also new scale multiplier in inspector)
  - Additional font included: Corwell
  - Project structure overhaul

  - Fixed Inspector dark background on Unity Personal

Check it on the Asset Store and watch the new video presentations!!/content/43180

A 2D Lite version is available as well:

This edition is aimed at developers who do not require the advanced features of the full 2D Edition but still need a lightweight, interactive map with selectable countries.

It's cheaper (only $30 vs $70 full 2D version) but also comes with a reduced feature set.
See the comparison chart here:

V4.1 update is now available with the following improvements and new features:

New features:
- New Scenic Earth Style
- New markers and line drawing and animation support

- Cursor cross maintains dash pattern irrespective of zoom
- New APIs: CountryNeighbours, CountryNeighboursOfCurrentRegion, CountryNeighboursOfCurrentRegion
- New APIs: ProvinceNeighbours, ProvinceNeighboursOfCurrentRegion, ProvinceNeighboursOfCurrentRegion
- New APIs: SetZoomLevel/GetZoomLevel to programatically set the zoom level from closest (0) to farther (1)
- New option to enable dragging the map using WASD keys
- Thicker country outline and now it's shown in province mode as well

- Fixed bouncing issues when fit to window height/width and viewport rendering were enabled
- Interaction is now properly blocked when mouse is hovering an UI element (Canvas, ScrollRect, ...)

V4.2 update is now available!

New features:
  - Support for ortographic projection
  - Number of cities increased to 7144
  - Option to draw all provinces (API: drawAllProvinces)
  - Option to invert zoom direction (API: invertZoomDirection)
  - Option to drag without acceleration (API: dragConstantSpeed)
  - Option to allow auto-scroll when mouse is on screen edge (APIs: allowScrollOnScreenEdges & edgeThickness (pixels))
  - Option to highlight all regions of a country (API: highlightAllCountryRegions)
  - Reduced geodata loading & parsing time
  - Consolidated city catalogues in one file
  - Added province name to each city
  - Frontiers and borders now support transparency
  - Country frontiers thickness grow automatically when camera approach (based on LOD) and can choose inner/outer color
  - Country is highlighted now when provinces are shown


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