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V3 Beta 2 available!

New features:
  - New component: World Map Calculator
  - New component: World Map Ticker
  - New component: World Map Decorator
  - Some shaders have been optimized
  - Improved algorithm for centering destinations (produces a straighten view)
  - New option: right click centers on a selected country
  - Lots of internal changes and new APIs
  - Fixed country label positioning bug when some labels overlap
  - Fixed colorizing of some countries

The first beta of a future V3.1 has been released including a few suggestions from customers, including:

  - New buttons to straighten and tilt the Earth (also available in API)
  - New option to adjust the drag speed
  - New option to enable rotation using keyboard (WASD)
  - Minimum distance has been adjusted to allow greater zoom (make sure your camera near clip distance is set to 0.01).

Today's beta includes ... Inverted Mode!

Take a look at this video for a better understanding:

Update: from now on, all info regarding beta development will be discussed in the private section (customers only). Of course notable progress will be announced in this board as well.

Today we have a new beta for the Globe Edition (V3.1 Beta 5) which includes the bake texture command.

This command allows to visualize lots (or all) countries or provinces in colors without incurring in a performance hit (the colorized areas are baked into the current texture).

It's available from the gear in the inspector title bar:

A sample texture generated by colorizing all countries with random colors is below:

The documentation has been updated to reflect this new feature (page 9).


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