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I've created this thread to list notable progress in new beta versions, which are available to customers from private boards. Note that discussions and incremental releases are only maintained in the private boards.

If you have just purchased the assets, please send me a private msg and I'll grant you access to the private boards.


World Political Map V2 Beta 1 now available.

New features:
  - Second detail level for country frontiers
  - New option to draw provinces/states for active country
  - Option to draw an outline around highlighted/colored countries
  - Even faster frontier line rendering (+20%)
  - Tweaked triangulation algorithm to improve poly-fill
  - Can locate a country from the inspector
  - Cities are now drawn as small circular dots, instead of small boxes
  - Can change the color of the cities
  - Some new properties were not being correctly saved from Editor

Check out a preview video here:

How do we get an access to this beta ? As a customer, I don't see any update from the Asset Store.

By the way, thanks for creating it and your support. It's already a must-have for me ;)

Thanks for purchasing!

To access the latest available beta just send us your invoice number to and we'll send you the link.

We're currently ironing V2... and a new beta (beta 2) will be available from tomorrow. Stay tunned!

Please rate the asset with 5 stars if it was useful for you and encourage us to keep improving.


E-mail sent, and no need to ask, it was an instant 5 stars rating on the Asset Store :D


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