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Learn More About Shiny SSRR 2

Shiny SSRR 2 is an advanced, well-optimized tool for Unity that adds Screen Space Raytraced Reflections to your scene, creating a realistic environment while keeping performance on the project. Shiny SSRR 2 has been designed to work with both, Built-In & URP, with features to control appearance, optimization, behavior and more!

Shiny SSRR 2

Main Features

Astonishing Results

Add eye-dropping, cinematic reflections with ease, without changing scene or materials, in forward or deferred rendering path. Built-in and URP pipelines supported.

Fuzziness & Decay

Make the reflection more realistic by adjusting its intensity based on the distance, creating a gradient to blur on the more distant side.

Contact Hardening

Adjust the sharpness intensity on the side of the reflection closer to the objects reflected. Combine this effect with the Fuzziness & Decay options.

Physically Based Rendering

Reflections follow lighting principles including fresnel, smoothness and other PBR material properties, making them look vivid and natural.

Specular Control

Use this feature to produce less flickering/shimmering in the scene caused by certain materials, and get the smoothness look to the next level.

Detailed Raytracing Settings

Full control over a set of features that will give the final touch to the visual effect while adjusting the performance regarding the intensity you set.


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Side-by-Side Comparison Example

Slide with your mouse to see the before-after effect with Shiny SSRR 2


Get a better idea of the results you can achieve with Shiny SSRR 2

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