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Migrating asset documentation to online



We have created a new section in this website called “Guides” which eventually will replace the classic PDF documentation included in each asset.

With 40 assets and growing in our portfolio, it was a burden to keep them updated with latest Unity changes, features and tips. Migrating to an online format the entire documentation of all these assets is a bit overwhelming but we’re getting there.

There’re many benefits to you for this change as well:

  • Reduced asset package size. This means faster downloads and updates and less disk space usage in your projects. Instead of a PDF, the asset documentation folder just contains a redirection to the corresponding entry in the Guides section.
  • Always up-to-date. The documentation and any tips are now centralized and “live”. Any documentation fix is delivered instantly, instead of relying on future updates of the asset.
  • Keyword search with instant results. The top search bar let you quickly find articles based on your query.
  • Every page includes social and feedback buttons at the bottom of the page. You can now le tus know if an article is useful or not, so we can focus on improving those articles with less score. We now have statistics so we know what are the most important topics for our users.
  • Tutorials & videos. The new format has allowed us to embed content from our Youtube channel which includes setup and feature tutorials, demos, etc.

We hope you like the change and invite you to give it a try and let us know what do you think: Take Survey

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My name is Sorin Predescu. A few years ago I started learning about the amazing world of creating games and got involved in Unity game development. This all lead to where I am now, working as a Community Manager at Kronnect, one of the biggest publishers on the Asset Store, sharing all my knowledge with the community and learning new and astonishing things every day.

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