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Introducing AGX tonemapper in Beautify 3


Introducing the new AGX Tonemap Operator in Beautify 3! This article will delve into the technical details of our existing tonemap operators—Linear, ACES, and the new AGX method.

Understanding Tonemapping

Tonemapping is the process of mapping color values from high dynamic range (HDR) to low dynamic range (LDR). In Unity, this involves converting 16-bit floating point color values (which can exceed the usual 0-1 or 0-255 range) to traditional 8-bit values in the [0,1] range. The primary goal is to achieve a believable, photo-realistic output image that accurately represents the light and color variations seen in real life.

Tonemapping requires an HDR-enabled camera and is often used in conjunction with effects like HDR-enabled Bloom. The proper sequence of applying these effects ensures that high luminance ranges are preserved, resulting in more dynamic and realistic images. There are various techniques or “transforms” for tonemapping, known as Reinhard, Filmic, ACES or the new AGX among many others.

Tonemap Operators in Beautify 3

Linear Tonemapper

The Linear Tonemapper applies a straightforward linear conversion from HDR to LDR. It’s simple and fast, making it suitable for projects where performance is a priority. However, it may lack the nuanced visual quality that more advanced methods provide.

ACES Tonemapper

The ACES (Academy Color Encoding System) tonemapper is widely used in the film industry for its superior color reproduction and dynamic range management. It provides a more cinematic look, preserving details in both highlights and shadows, but can be more computationally intensive. Beautify includes two variations of this operator: “ACES” and “ACES Fitted” which produces darker shadows.

AGX Tonemapper (New Addition)

The AGX Tonemapper is our latest addition, based on the work by Troy Sobotka and delivered under the MIT license. It delivers prettier colors with a balance between mid-tones and light/dark tones, producing less saturated colors than ACES.

Enhancing Your Projects with AGX Tonemapper

Importance for Game Developers

For game developers, the AGX Tonemapper provides a powerful tool to enhance visual storytelling and realism. Whether you’re creating a bustling urban landscape or a serene natural environment, AGX ensures that your lighting and shadows contribute to the overall atmosphere and immersion of the game without losing details.

Integration Guide

Integrating AGX into your Unity project is straightforward. Add Beautify 3 to your project according to the pipeline you’re using following our guides for built-in and URP, and in the Tonemap option select AGX.

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