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Inside Guadalindie: Where Indie Game Magic Happens


Overview of Guadalindie Event

Guadalindie, the premier event in the indie game development circuit in the South of Spain, unfolded as a vibrant celebration of innovation and creativity in the heart of Malaga, Spain. For two exhilarating days, this first edition served as a nexus where burgeoning talents and seasoned professionals converged to showcase their latest creations, exchange ideas, and explore the frontiers of game development. Against this backdrop of excitement and camaraderie, Kronnect participated to promote the game development landscape with its cutting-edge solutions and unwavering commitment to excellence.

With a dedicated booth adorned with demos and interactive displays, Kronnect provided developers with firsthand insights into the transformative potential of its assets, demonstrating how they could unlock new levels of efficiency and creativity in their projects. Through engaging discussions, live demonstrations, and invaluable networking opportunities, Kronnect showcased its vision of empowering indie developers to realize their fullest potential in an ever-evolving industry landscape.

Highlights of Guadalindie

At Guadalindie, the atmosphere crackled with creative energy as developers from across Andalucía and beyond converged to showcase their latest projects. The event, a collaborative effort between MálagaJam and FYCMA, backed by the Málaga City Council’s National Digital Content Hub, aimed to boost the region’s indie gaming scene to new heights. With stands bustling with activity and international speakers sharing insights, Guadalindie emerged as a vital platform for developers to present their games, gain invaluable feedback, and forge connections within the industry.

Kronnect’s presence at Guadalindie underscored the importance of professional tools in game development industry. As developers navigated the intricacies of crafting immersive experiences, Kronnect offered a lifeline with our suite of Unity assets. By streamlining complex processes and providing ready-made solutions, Kronnect empowered developers to focus on creativity without getting bogged down by technical challenges. This alignment with the event’s ethos of fostering innovation and collaboration positioned Kronnect as a key contributor to the indie gaming ecosystem, earning admiration from peers and enthusiasts alike.

On the Professional Day, industry professionals engaged in spirited discussions, delving into the nuances of game design and sharing best practices. Kronnect’s team seized the opportunity to interact closely with developers, offering demonstrations of their tools and providing insights into optimizing workflows. The palpable excitement and camaraderie underscored the spirit of community that permeated Guadalindie, with Kronnect at the forefront.

Collaborative Synergy

Our presence at the event wasn’t just about showcasing our products; it was about fostering collaboration and providing developers with the tools they need to bring their creative visions to life. At our stand, developers from all walks of life converged to engage in lively discussions, share insights, and exchange ideas. It was a melting pot of creativity and expertise, where seasoned professionals and aspiring developers alike found common ground and forged meaningful connections.

Our team was on hand to offer guidance, answer questions, and provide demonstrations of our tools, which left a lasting impression on attendees. Developers expressed their appreciation for the opportunity to learn from each other and leverage Kronnect’s tools to enhance their projects.


Media Coverage

At Guadalindie, Kronnect garnered attention not only from attendees but also from the media. One notable instance was an interview conducted by “Diario Sur“, a prominent local publication. The article showcased Kronnect’s contribution to the event and shed light on the company’s role in the gaming industry. Ramiro Oliva, shared insights about the burgeoning gaming scene in Andalucía, emphasizing its potential for growth and innovationHis remarks underscored the region’s creative spirit and its appeal as a hub for remote work, citing factors like the climate and quality of life.

The interview provided a platform for Kronnect to highlight its commitment to the local gaming community and its aspirations for the broader industry. With “Diario Sur” amplifying Kronnect’s message, the company’s presence at Guadalindie reverberated beyond the event, reaching a wider audience and affirming its position as a key player in the region’s gaming ecosystem.

Among the companies present at the Trade Fair Center there are also some that are not video game developers, although they are part of the sector. This is the case of Kronnect, a company from El Puerto de Santa María that has been working since 2015 creating tools for the Unity platform, the world’s leader in creating interactive 3D content. “Our market is global, but having a video game fair here so close has encouraged us to come to Malaga,” says Ramiro Oliva. «The potential of Andalusia in the video game sector is brutal, I have no doubt. Firstly for creativity and secondly for the well-being of our land, the climate, the way of life… Many people prefer to work here remotely than anywhere else in the world,” says this computer engineer.Enrique Miranda - Diario Sur

Public Day Experience

The transition from the professional networking of the previous day to the public-facing on Saturday marked a dynamic shift in the atmosphere at Guadalindie. As the event opened its doors to the general public, the venue buzzed with excitement, drawing in a diverse crowd eager to explore the world of indie game developmentAttendees, ranging from curious kids to seasoned gamers, flooded the exhibition halls, immersing themselves in a kaleidoscope of interactive experiences.

For Kronnect, Saturday was an opportunity to engage with a broad spectrum of enthusiasts and showcase the wonders of game development. Attracting visitors of all ages and backgrounds to its stand, Kronnect demonstrated the transformative power of professional tools in shaping the gaming landscape. Through live demonstrations and interactive sessions, attendees gained firsthand insights into the intricacies of game design and the role of cutting-edge technology in elevating the gaming experience.

Kronnect’s team took the chance to educate, inspire, and empower aspiring developers. By illustrating the efficiency and efficacy of its products, Kronnect underscored its commitment to fostering innovation and excellence in the gaming community, leaving a lasting impression on attendees and solidifying its reputation as a trailblazer in the industry.

Meeting Freya Holmér

During our time at Guadalindie, we were thrilled to have the chance to meet with Freya Holmér, a prominent figure in the game development community. Freya’s impactful speech during the event left attendees impressed, showcasing the expertise as a shader artist. As the creator of Shader Forge, Freya’s contributions to the industry are widely recognized, making our encounter all the more exciting. We had the privilege of exchanging words and even capturing a moment with Freya, further highlighting the invaluable connections fostered at events like Guadalindie.

Our Picks

Explore a curated selection of captivating indie games that caught our attention at Guadalindie. From Barcelona to beyond, these innovative studios bring imaginative worlds and unique gameplay experiences to life.

Forgotten Fragments (by Binary Studios): Dive into the enchanting pixel art world of Forgotten Fragments by Binary Studios. Help Enid, Ryder, and Dayen recover lost fragments in this delightful 2D puzzle-platformer, crafted with love from Barcelona.

AIKODE (by Ace) Venture on a journey through Somnium with AIKODE by Ace. Delve into the captivating narrative of Aiko, a creation of “The Order,” in this atmospheric adventure crafted by a talented solo developer from Barcelona.

ONE BTN BOSSES (by Midnight Munchies: Take on thrilling challenges with ONE BTN BOSSES by Midnight Munchies. Press a button and face formidable foes in this arcade-style game, created by a diverse team spanning Spain, Denmark, and Slovenia.

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