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Highlight Plus is an All-In-One highlighting solution for any game object on the scene. With Highlight Plus, you can add outline, inner & outer glow, overlay, hit effect, and see-through effects to your 3D objects, making them more vivid and realistic. Highlight Plus has been designed with platform compatibility and performance in mind, as well as versatility.

Highlight Plus

Main Features


Outline any 3D game object and customize color, alpha & width.

Inner Glow

Give any 3D object an inner glow and customize its color and intensity.

Outer Glow

Set up Outer Glow for any 3D object and customize the color width, alpha & animation speed.


Animate an Overlay effect with custom colors for any 3D object.

Target Effect

Create a target effect with align to ground option to mimic unit selection.

Hit & See-Through

Recreate a hit effect & see-through for any 3D object.

All-In-One Asset

Combine and customize all the effects from the same inspector.

Advanced Rendering

Mesh-based or screen space optimized rendering options.


Include multiple objects o characters with multiple parts from a single component and group them creating a single outline/glow.


Mafia Food Wars: by S2LCheshire

In an anarchist future, Mafias feed their families through black market auctions. You represent one of these families. Bid to acquire food to feed your family, or to drive up the price of an item another family wants. Family members who cannot be fed will defect for the family with the most food. Can you defeat and assimilate the other families?

Side-by-Side Comparison Example

Slide with your mouse to see the before-after effect with Highlight Plus


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