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These setup instructions are for the Universal Render Pipeline (URP).

Step 1: Install Universal Rendering Pipeline

Go to Windows -> Package Manager. Select Universal RP (7.3.1 or later preferably) and click “Install”.

Step 2: Assign the Universal Rendering Pipeline asset

Go to Project Settings -> Graphics and assign a Universal Rendering Pipeline asset. You can use the asset include in the demo folder (Volumetric Lights /Demo /URP Pipeline Settings folder).

Step 3: Configure Universal Rendering Pipeline asset

Double click the Universal Rendering Pipeline asset to show its properties.

Then enable “Depth Texture”. Enabling MSAA is also recommended:

Important note!

Check both “Project Settings / Graphics” and “Project Settings / Quality” sections since you can define URP settings overrides in Quality levels. You need to enable Depth Texture option in all URP settings used in any Quality Level.

Now you can use Volumetric Lights!

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