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Embracing Render Graph: Kronnect’s Leap into Unity 2023.3


At Kronnect, we continuously strive to stay at the forefront of technology, ensuring that our assets are not only cutting-edge but also in sync with the latest versions of Unity engine and rendering pipelines. Today, we are thrilled to share an important milestone: the full integration of Render Graph across all our assets for Unity 2023.3.

What is Render Graph?

Render Graph represents a crucial advancement in the way rendering tasks are processed and managed within Unity’s Universal Rendering Pipeline (URP). This innovative system is designed to optimize resource management and state changes on the GPU, which are pivotal for enhancing performance. By streamlining these aspects, Render Graph not only aims to elevate performance but also promotes more efficient and scalable development within the URP framework, ensuring that developers can achieve high-quality rendering results more effectively. Unity has stated that future improvements on URP will be built on top of Render Graph only.

The main difference that RenderGraph introduces to previous URP is the modified ScriptableRenderPass class. This new API is tightly coupled to the new foundation so all assets that use Render Features must be upgraded in order to be used with this new version of Unity.

Commitment to Innovation: Kronnect and Unity 2023.3

At Kronnect, we’ve spent the past few months in rigorous development and testing to ensure all our assets are fully compatible with Unity 2023.3 and the new Render Graph. This means beloved tools like Beautify, Volumetric Fog & Mist, Highlight Plus and our other assets can now leverage Render Graph’s advantages, offering enhanced performance and greater flexibility.

Flexibility and Options for Developers

We understand that every project is unique, and developers need choices. That’s why we’ve ensured our assets are versatile, allowing seamless execution over Render Graph or in compatibility mode, based on user preference. This flexibility ensures that, regardless of your project’s specifics, our assets will fit perfectly into your needs.

Render Graph is enabled by default when creating a new project on Unity 2023.3. If you’re upgrading your project from a previous version, the old URP path will be used (a compatibility mode is provided). Please note that starting on Unity 2023.3, the old URP path becomes deprecated and won’t receive new features.

Continuous Commitment to Our Users

Adopting Render Graph in our assets is a step further in our ongoing commitment to maintaining and supporting our products. It’s crucial for us that our offerings not only evolve with emerging technologies but also remain relevant and functional for our customers and the Unity community.

Download the Latest Beta Version Today!

We’re excited to announce that users of our assets can download the latest beta version with Render Graph support from today at the support section on our website This early access gives you the opportunity to explore the new features and start integrating them into your projects right away.

UPDATE MARCH 28: We’re excited to announce that all our assets now support Render Graph and are available on the Unity Asset Store.


Adopting Render Graph across our assets underscores our commitment to innovation and quality. At Kronnect, we’re excited about the possibilities this update opens for our users, and we’re eager to see the amazing experiences and worlds you’ll create with these new tools. We thank our community for their ongoing support and are here to assist every step of the way in your journey to creating stunning games and interactive experiences.

Important Notice:

Render Graph is currently in development (beta) and its use in production environments is not advised. It will be included for the first time in Unity 2023.3, expected to be released in April 2024. At Kronnect, we only recommend using LTS (Long Term Support) versions, which for Unity 2023 will be Unity 2023.4, also known as “Unity 6”, set to be released in the second half of 2024.

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My name is Sorin Predescu. A few years ago I started learning about the amazing world of creating games and got involved in Unity game development. This all lead to where I am now, working as a Community Manager at Kronnect, one of the biggest publishers on the Asset Store, sharing all my knowledge with the community and learning new and astonishing things every day.

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