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Learn More About Beautify 3

Beautify 3 is a full-screen image post processing effect that improves the image quality in real time producing incredibly crisp and vivid scenes. Its versatile features will adapt to any scene, story & environment. Beautify 2 produces sharp images, improves pixel color and will reduce the banding artifacts mainly found on gradients due to the coloring quantization.

Beautify 3

Main Features

Professional Grade Post-Processing

+20 integrated effects tuned for performance and flexibility. Each effect comes with a wide array of options to make your project unique.

Image Enhancement

Our genuine image enhancement algorithms will make your scene instantly crisp, with improved colors and less banding artifacts.

Tonemapping & Color Grading

Adjust the overall scene colorisation, brightness & contrast or choose a custom LUT file to adapt the visual appearance to a specific environment, in a blink!

Lens & Lighting Effects

Take control over the most advanced color & lighting editing tools like bloom and anamorphic flares, eye adaptation, sun flares and many more professional features!

Artistic Choices

Give the final visual touch with vignetting, custom frames, night/thermal vision, outline & blur, and finally, adjust the downscaling in order to equilibrate optimisation and performance.

Pipelines Support

After importing Beautify, you get two packages referring to the Built-In & Universal Render Pipeline. Unpack the package for your graphic pipeline renderer and start enjoying the asset!


PBR Foliage: by Vat Reachsey

First study of PBR foliage creation and rendering using Blender to model Monstera Deliciosa plant. Those are landscape doodles just to see how it fares in normal scenes!

Death Carnival: by Furyion Games

Fast-paced arcade shooter with extreme weapons, wall-dashing and intense mid-air combat for online multiplayer action like never before.

iOMoon: by Headtrip Games llc

iOMoon is a made for VR first person exploratory experience where you pilot a research vehicle equipped only with a flare and camera, into the heart of Jupiter’s moon iO.

Side-by-Side Comparison Example

Slide with your mouse to see the before-after effect with Beautify 3


Get a better idea of the results you can achieve with Beautify 3

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